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Planet of the Apes

If you ever find yourself driving through the mountains of northern India, a word of advice: keep your windows closed. The monkeys are quite fond of jumping into cars and riding shotgun. I learned this the hard way.

Indian Relaxation

Ah, Udaipur. After a sobering journey across the desert of Pali, I was welcomed by the most beautiful of sights: water. Like most foreign travelers to the city, my first encounter with Udaipur came in the form of James Bond in¬†Octopussy. Unlike Mr. Bond, my reasons for visiting the city were not dramatic ones. I […]

Mystery in the Desert

I asked myself: how could Ranakpur, a Jain temple made entirely of immaculate white marble, exist in this monotonous stretch of shriveled earth? Its pillars and walls, adorned with elaborately ornate carvings of humans and creatures, suggested otherworldly vision and ability. I wanted to ask the keeper of its beginnings, how a monument of such […]