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A Tourist in Chiang Rai

I try my best to avoid the tour packages offered by travel agencies for reasons obvious to the seasoned traveler. They’re overpriced, the food offered is usually no better than a school cafeteria’s, and more importantly, they lack the freedom and flexibility I cherish from independent travel. Because of my unfortunate episode in Mandalay, I was not […]

The Inevitable

It was most likely from the lunch I had at the rest area my bus from Bagan had stopped at on our route to Mandalay. I should have known better. The disturbing number of flies buzzing around the place was a telling sign. So was the meal itself: a platter of curry and stewed chicken […]

Postcards from Bagan

She had on a clean, lavender blouse. A pink handbag hung carelessly over her shoulder. The delicate colors stood out in the harsh environment – a welcome break from the dry ochre that paints the landscape this time of the year. Thanaka paste was delicately applied on her round, tawny face. I saw postcards in […]