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Why We Travel

Despite its countless wonders and beautiful cities, India has been, without question, the most challenging country I have traveled through. Where do I begin? The attempts for my belongings, near-death traffic incidents, room break-ins, tourist scams and rip-offs… not to mention the inescapable poverty, heart-breaking hunger, and class discrimination that afflicts so many in this […]

Crown of Palaces

So I read that Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal in memory of his favorite wife. With this in mind, I stood before the monument not in awe, but in jealousy. To have been inspired by someone to build such beauty – it  is the kind of love we wish to experience.

Stuck in Traffic

The traffic did not move for 40 minutes. It was clear that continuing to wait in my car would be pointless, so I pulled over my beat-up Tata rental into an empty spot between two street-side soda vendors. To be completely transparent, it wasn’t a parking job per se. It was more like driving up on the sidewalk […]