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The Inevitable

It was most likely from the lunch I had at the rest area my bus from Bagan had stopped at on our route to Mandalay. I should have known better. The disturbing number of flies buzzing around the place was a telling sign. So was the meal itself: a platter of curry and stewed chicken […]

Postcards from Bagan

She had on a clean, lavender blouse. A pink handbag hung carelessly over her shoulder. The delicate colors stood out in the harsh environment – a welcome break from the dry ochre that paints the landscape this time of the year. Thanaka paste was delicately applied on her round, tawny face. I saw postcards in […]

Bright Lights

The Burmese are a practical people. This trait is reflected in Schwedagon Paya. The pagoda has been rebuilt and reguilded numerous times since the stupa was first raised sometime around 6th Century AD. Much to the chagrin of UNESCO and other preservation groups, it has been modified to keep up with the current times. Christmas […]