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A Friend from the North

Mrs. Jin was incredibly shy. She had only recently become a tour guide. Her preferred second language was Russian and this only heightened her nervousness around our group of English speakers. When we first met at the airport I tried to break the ice by reaching out to her in Korean, but that seemed to […]

A Bowl of Naengmyeon

I walked in an hour before closing time. The technicolor linoleum floor and the disco-appropriate nylon drapes suggested that I was not only entering a different room, but a different time. There was no one else in the room except for the new Dear Leader on the flat screen television above the bar. Ironically, he was […]

Pyongyang, North Korea

A Trip to the North. I traveled to North Korea in February of 2013 to observe The Day of the Shining Star, also known as Kim Jong Il’s Birthday. It is one of the biggest holidays in the country for obvious reasons. I figured it would be an unforgettable time to be in North Korea during this […]