Better Parking in Cambridge | A Proposal for Reform

Cambridge Parking

The Project: As independent consultants for the City of Cambridge’s Traffic, Parking, and Transportation Department, our team assessed the operational inefficiencies in Central Square’s on-street parking. We collected and evaluated parking data on occupancy and traffic due to cruising for parking, and designed a visualization of such data on a digital platform through ArcGIS. Our work identified underutilized assets in the forms of public lots and garages, while also identifying that 28.6% of traffic in Central Square was due to drivers cruising for parking. The project culminated in a presentation of policy solutions to our client that included a recommendation for dynamic parking pricing and working with local businesses and stakeholders to inform and direct Cambridge residents to better parking options.

You can find our data visualization here.

Presentation deck and report available upon request.

Client: The City of Cambridge’s Traffic, Parking, and Transportation Department

Team: Daniel Youngwon Lee, Peter Damrosch, Tarun Gopalakrishnan


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