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“You Shouldn’t Throw it Away”

I needed to throw out the Chinese chewing gum that had kept me preoccupied during our drive through Pyongyang. After only seven minutes, it had lost its flavor, and was at this point giving my jaw an unnecessary workout. Back home in the States, I would not have given any thought to just spit it out where […]

Back to the North

This past March, I was asked to lead a group of Harvard students on a trek to North Korea. I had never expected to find myself  back in North Korea, but given my previous experience in the country, it made sense for me to assist with the logistics and execution of this trip for my […]

May Day, Mayday

I should’ve known something was up when I touched down in Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport. The hustle and bustle I normally would expect in a capital international airport was conspicuously missing. I walked out of the terminal to the taxi stand and asked the attendant to help me hail a taxi to my hostel. A little yellow […]

Three Days in Jerusalem

I did not grow up in a household that followed any of the Abrahamic religions, but even a non-believer could feel the spirituality and history that Jerusalem holds. Overwhelmed by the sheer size of the city and the number of ancient sights to behold, I split up my three days in the City of Gold […]

Into Israel and Palestine

The owner of the guesthouse I stayed at in Amman advised me that I factor in an extra hour or two when planning my trip across the border to the West Bank. Not for potential traffic, but for any unexpectedness when dealing with customs and security in this highly contentious part of the world. When I arrived […]

A Desert Ride and Surprise

The ride from Amman to Petra took roughly three and a half hours, not including the mint tea and bathroom breaks. There were dedicated tourist transports that featured a shorter trip to the southern ruins, but hoping to save that extra Jordanian dinar, I decided to make my way to the impromptu bus station by my […]