Indian Relaxation

Ah, Udaipur. After a sobering journey across the desert of Pali, I was welcomed by the most beautiful of sights: water.

Like most foreign travelers to the city, my first encounter with Udaipur came in the form of James Bond in Octopussy. Unlike Mr. Bond, my reasons for visiting the city were not dramatic ones. I had no villains to thwart, nor beautiful dames to rescue and seduce. I came to rest and prepare for the next leg of my journey across northern India.

After making the obligatory visit to the City Palace, I spent the rest of my time in observation and indulgence. I spent my days by Lake Pichola, watching mothers tend to their responsibilities of laundry and gossip, while their sons jumped into the nearby waters to find some respite from the heavy, Rajasthan heat. In the evenings, I sought the company of delicious food and cold Kingfisher beers.

While more adventurous travelers would have sought out more temples and ancient histories to explore, I was content with following perhaps the most traditional of the city’s customs: relaxation.

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