A Moment of Turbulence

Tiger Airways (operated by SEAir) had cancelled my flight from Clark Airport in Manila to Hong Kong. I didn’t receive any notification regarding the change in schedule nor did an angry confederation of Norwegians, Russian honeymooners, and a lone Canadian backpacker that  besieged the airport representative. The young lady assured us that the airline had sent an e-mail a month ago regarding the cancellation and that the problem was out of their hands. To be completely transparent, I should admit that I did receive an e-mail from the airline notifying me of the cancellation… three days after the scheduled flight date.

Rather than accepting Tiger Airways’ offer of a flight out the following morning, I cut my losses and bought a last minute ticket out from the Cebu Pacific desk nearby.

Despite the inauspicious start, the Hong Kong/Macau leg of my journey ended up being quite memorable. I gorged myself on cha siu bao every day, enjoyed blue skies at the top of Victoria Peak, and won a little over 500 USD on the craps table at the Wynn.

Nothing clears up frustration better than a hot hand in a dice game.

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